Wyoming Stories Community Recordings - Cody

Aug 15, 2013

Wyoming Public Media will be recording Cody’s Wyoming Stories on Thur. Aug. 29 and Fri. Aug. 30 at the University of Wyoming Outreach School in Cody - Park County Complex, 1501  Stampede Avenue.

For additional information and to reserve a recording time, please visit the Cody Wyoming Stories registration site .


Wyoming Stories was created to capture the history of Wyoming through the memories of those who live here, often through generations, offering their hopes, their humor and their ambitions.

Please consider this opportunity to partner with Wyoming Public Media as we create an archive of Wyoming voices and wisdom for future generations.

Sponsored in part by a grant from the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund

Photo: Bill Cooley “Turnout After a Long Day”, an entry in WPM’s 2012 Photo Contest.