Wyoming State Superintendent Runs For Second Term

Apr 2, 2018

Credit Aaron Schrank

The Wyoming State Superintendent of Public Instruction announced she’s running for a second term. Jillian Balow said there’s more she wants to do.

“I’m excited about the direction that Wyoming education is going. I’m excited to see some of the initiatives that we’ve started through implementation,” said Balow. “And three and a half years has not been enough time to put focus on the important issues that I want to address while I’m State Superintendent.”

Balow said she wants to continue helping Wyoming define its unique approach, moving away from federal control in education. She also wants to focus on early education, as well as students’ transition to life after high school. And as a mother and a public official, she wants to strengthen school safety.

Balow said she’s not aware of any opponents but she said that won’t change how she campaigns anyway.

“I think one of the greatest treasures in this state is the fact that we have an elected State Superintendent,” said Balow. “And what it affords me an opportunity to do is to hear from every citizen, and not just educators and not just business people.”

Balow said she plans to travel the entire state during her campaign for re-election.