Wyoming Sends Out The Most Energy, But Is Losing Ground

Jul 31, 2017

Credit Energy Information Administraion

The fracking boom is propelling shale-rich states to the top of the nation’s list of energy suppliers, but a new report shows Wyoming still takes the lead despite a struggling coal industry.

Wyoming has been spreading more energy around the nation than any other state since the 80s. But its supply of energy to other states has been sliding since 2008, mirroring a decline in coal production.

A new report from the Energy Information Administration shows that as Wyoming slides downward, other states have ramped up oil and gas production.

Texas has seen the steepest growth in energy exports to other states. It already produces the most energy in the nation, but it also consumes the most energy, leaving less to spread around.

Texas still trails Wyoming's lead, followed by Pennsylvania, West Virginia and North Dakota. The report only includes data through 2015, though, so it doesn’t account for a slide in coal production last year.