Wyoming Same Sex Couples Have to Wait Out A State Lawsuit

Oct 6, 2014

The U.S. Supreme Court has decided not to hear appeals from states seeking to prohibit same sex marriage this term. But a Wyoming lawsuit may still need to go through the system before gay marriage is allowed in this state.

Three Wyoming same-sex couples are suing for the right to marry and despite the Supreme Court’s decision, their case is scheduled to be heard on December 15th in Laramie County District Court. While it sounds like a formality, Jeran Artery of the gay rights group Wyoming Equality says their lawsuit is slightly different from those in other states. And while everyone in his organization is excited, they will have to be patient.               

I think it’s full speed ahead with our case. You know it definitely gives us more talking points and we’ll figure out how we can work today’s ruling into our case, but there’s no doubt…it’s a very exciting day.”

Governor Matt Mead says that the Attorney General will continue to defend Wyoming’s constitution defining marriage between a man and a woman.