Wyoming Organizations Respond To GOP's Election Complaints

Nov 1, 2016

Credit Forward Wyoming

Two organizations the Wyoming Republican party alleged violated campaign finance laws sent official responses to the Wyoming Secretary of State’s office. 

The Wyoming GOP said that mailers sent by Forward Wyoming Advocacy were actually paid for by a progressive political consulting firm, but not marked as such. 

But the Executive Director of Forward Wyoming Advocacy, Sydney Stein said in a press release that while her organization contracts with ELLA Wyoming for data management and web design, they are not one and the same.  

Forward Wyoming Advocacy sent out the mailers under the name Women Lead Wyoming, which was in violation of state statute. Whoever actually pays for a mailer has to be listed. Stein said that her organization thought crediting Women Lead Wyoming would provide more transparency, since it is more visible to the public. 

Stein said the complaints were the Republican Party’s attempt to silence her organization’s efforts to raise awareness of Women’s issues in Wyoming.

The complaint is currently being reviewed by the Attorney General’s Office.