Wyoming members of Congress watching Supreme Court closely

Mar 26, 2012

Wyoming lawmakers are sitting on pins and needles as the Supreme Court takes up the health care law this week. Democrats passed the law, and Republicans despise it and are resting their political fortunes on overturning it.

 Wyoming is teaming up with twenty five other states in challenging the new health care law. The arguments are simple yet also complex. First the simple. Opponents say it’s an overreach for the government to force people to purchase health insurance. Wyoming Republican Senator John Barrasso says if the law is upheld it’s a slippery slope that could lead to a congressional power grab.

“Well I don’t want to see congressional power expanded and that’s why I believe it is a constitutional issue, because if Congress can go into your home and mandate that you buy one product can they mandate that you do other things as well?”

Now the complexity. Democrats argue health care is such a massive part of the U-S economy the court ought to rule that it fits under Congress’ power to regulate commerce. And as opinionated as politicians are, most aren’t willing to even venture a guess as to the outcome. Congress will be active this week, but Wyoming’s lawmakers will have one eye across the street on the majestic pillars of the Court.