Wyoming Joins 23 States In Lawsuit Over Carbon Regs

Oct 23, 2015

Credit Stephanie Joyce

Attorneys general from 24 states, including Wyoming, filed suit Friday morning over the Obama administration’s signature climate change rule.

The rule requires states make big cuts in carbon emissions from power plants. For places like Wyoming, which both produces and consumes huge amounts of coal, that is going to be difficult.

The attorneys general filing the suit say the Environmental Protection Agency has overstepped its authority with the rule. They’re asking for the court to overturn it, and also halt its implementation until the case is resolved.

In a statement, Wyoming Governor Matt Mead called the rule “legally and scientifically flawed.” 

Wyoming is also planning to file a separate lawsuit addressed state-specific issues.

Meanwhile, attorneys general for 15 states that support the rule say they will intervene to defend the EPA.