Wyoming House votes to approve a series of gun bills.

Jan 30, 2013

Credit Bob Beck

The Wyoming House of Representatives has given initial approval to four bills that would address gun rights in the state. Among the bills is a measure that would attempt to block a federal gun bill banning  semi-automatic weapons and limiting the size of gun magazines.  Sponsor Kendall Kroeker of Evansville says this would apply to guns in Wyoming.

“Because of that I believe there is no federal authority in the Constitution to give the federal government the ability to ban such weapons or place restrictions upon them.”

The House passed an amendment changing the penalty for enforcing a federal ban to a misdemeanor.  It had previously been a felony.

The House also approved a measure that would allow concealed carry permit holders to bring guns into schools, including the University.

Encampment Representative Jerry Paxton has specific concerns with guns in elementary schools.

“I can see a scenario where a kid can get a hold one of these firearms inadvertently.  Because a teacher with a concealed carry permit forgets to lock a drawer.”

Paxton also thinks that Principals should be informed who has guns in their schools.  Bill Sponsor Allen Jaggi of Lyman says it will make schools safer.  The bills will be debated two more times.