Wyoming House Debates Gun Bills

Feb 13, 2014

The Wyoming House of Representatives failed to introduce a bill that would have lifted restrictions on carrying guns in school zones, while agreeing to introduce another bill that would leave it up to school districts to decide whether employees with a concealed carry permit can have guns in schools.

Supporters of allowing guns in schools believe it would make schools safer.  While many saw both bills as pro-gun legislation, Anthony Bouchard of the Wyoming Gun Owner's association does not.  Bouchard said the bill that leaves it up to school boards is anti-gun because it has too many restrictions for gun owners and gives school boards too much power.                         

"It's really broad giving them a lot of broad brush stroke to do whatever they want to do.  And it has stuff on it like report things to police agencies that this person has a gun.  Where does that data go?  I mean the whole bill is bad."

Bouchard says it's always better to have a uniform law.  He says Utah got rid of its gun free zones and that has proved very successful.