Wyoming Game And Fish Department Sets Long Term Goals

Sep 25, 2018

Credit Wyoming Game and Fish Department

The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission has approved a set of goals and a strategic plan that will further the department’s mission of “Conserving Wildlife and Serving People.”

Renny MacKay, the communications director at the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, said this is the first time the department has set official goals.

“We have, as the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, gone out and had lots of different conversations with the public, but we’ve never gone out to set priorities before. So this is the first time we’ve done this, to do goal setting and strategic planning,” said MacKay.

The public was invited to give input on the goals through surveys and public meetings.

Other topics discussed at the meeting were non-resident elk hunting, conservation of a mule deer migration corridor, chronic wasting disease and the use of technology in hunting.

“We’ve looked at things like trail cameras, and do you need to be in the field to be learning more about your prey, or can you use trail cameras that are sending you live updates?” Mackay said.

Other types of technology being discussed include drones, air rifles, smart rifles and advanced crossbows.