Wyoming Excited To Be Part Of The Safe Driving Plan

Sep 22, 2015

The Wyoming Department of Transportation is working with federal officials on a project to make driving safer. The plan is to use interactive technology to tell drivers about road and weather conditions as well as safety information. Wyoming is focusing on making travel safer along Interstate 80. 

Credit Wyoming Department of Transportation

WYDOT’s Ali Ragan says one innovative idea is to see if emergency responders can be alerted when air bags go off.
“We can try to send emergency responders to a crash site before anyone is there to call.  Since single vehicle rollovers are the most common crash in Wyoming it could really make a difference getting a responder to a crash scene quicker.”
The details of how exactly the technology will work are still being sorted out. WYDOT says the test project should take three years. Wyoming is one of three locations where the smart vehicle technology will be tested.