Wyoming Equality Partners With Wind River Two Spirit And LGBTQ Community On New Scholarship

Dec 28, 2017

An array of memorabilia displayed at a recent Two Spirit Leadership Circle event.
Credit Darrah Perez

The holiday season can be tough for people grieving loved ones, but it can be especially difficult for those of the LGBTQ community.

Layha Spoonhunter is one of the Two-Spirit Leadership Circle members, an LGBTQ group on Wind River Reservation that recently gathered to honor those who have been killed because of their identity.

“I have seen changes through our community, but I haven’t seen them at the rapid rate I want to see,” said Spoonhunter.

Wyoming Equality made the trip to the reservation for the event and to give them a $500 scholarship that will be named after a Wind River Two-Spirit individual. Northern Arapaho chairman Roy Brown is a member of the group.

“It’s a bright spot,” said Brown, “I have applied for scholarships that are for Native American, and I have applied for scholarships that are for LGBT folks, but there has never been a scholarship that honored both of those parts of my identity.”

Robert West of Wyoming Equality said applicants for the new scholarship may begin submitting the required essays starting in spring of 2018.