Wyoming Dept. Of Health Reminds Residents Of Tick-Borne Disease Risks During Warm Months

May 14, 2019

Credit freestockphoto.biz

As summer approaches, the Wyoming Department of Health (WDH) is reminding residents that the state is reaching peak tick season.

The department says ticks in Wyoming can carry serious diseases like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Colorado tick fever and tularemia. Each disease has various symptoms but some can potentially lead to hospitalization.

Kim Deti, public information officer for WDH, said it's important to know the risk is out there.

"We never see great numbers of cases, some years a little more than others. But these can be serious so we want people to be aware and be careful when they're in areas that may have ticks and when they're handling animals as well," Deti said.

She added that areas with grasses or brush could potentially have ticks. The department has several recommendations for avoiding ticks.

"We do recommend wearing light-colored clothing. That makes it a little easier to see the ticks on your clothes. Tuck your pant legs into your sock, insect repellant, and just do a check, for yourself, your kids and your pets when you returned from areas that are potentially tick-infested," she said.

Deti noted Lyme disease, a commonly known tick-borne disease, is not found in Wyoming but residents can come into contact with it outside the state.