Wyoming Dems' Executive Director To Resign

Feb 10, 2015

Credit Wyoming Democratic Party

The executive director of the Wyoming Democratic Party will resign this month. That’s according to an email sent to lawmakers and leaked to the public Tuesday.

Party Chair Ana Cuprill asked Robin Van Ausdall to step down from the position. Cuprill declined to comment explicitly on why that is, but said Van Ausdall’s leadership has served the party well and has allowed the Democrats to remain a relevant minority party.

“I can attest that change is often difficult but definitely a reality even in political circles,” Cuprill says. “Despite the unfortunate way that this was leaked to the press, I know that our caucus and our leadership will come together and move our party forward. Our great state of Wyoming deserves nothing less.”

Cuprill told lawmakers in the email that Aimee Van Cleave will take over as interim director next week.

Van Ausdall has held the position since 2012.