Wyoming Defeats Balance Budget Amendment Bill

Mar 3, 2015

An attempt to Wyoming to the list of states pushing for a balanced budget constitutional amendment has failed. 

The Senate handily rejected the measure due to fears that with only three congressional members, Wyoming would not have equal footing with other states.

Senator Phil Nicholas also had grave concerns that a balanced budget amendment could entice Congress to balance the federal budget by stealing Wyoming’s mineral wealth. 

Baggs Republican Larry Hicks says that was no reason to vote the measure down.

“This is how they are going to balance budget on the backs of Wyoming’s federal minerals, when they are already confiscating them. So it was really a policy choice, do we try to participate and control our own destiny or do we worry about events bigger than we are and then we react to those? So I am disappointed, obviously.”

Hicks says the issue is moving forward with or without Wyoming’s support.