Wyoming Close To A State Specific Medicaid Expansion Plan

Nov 7, 2014

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead says the federal agencies in charge of Medicaid are open to innovative expansion proposals. He says that could convince legislators to adopt a Medicaid Expansion program in Wyoming. The proposal the state is working on would require those eligible for the program to contribute to it. 

“They would pay a portion of the premium, they’d pay a portion of the deductible, and there would be a workforce development plan. And those are the types of things that I think HHS (Health and Human Services) is more open to than they were a year ago and certainly two years ago.” 

Earlier this year the legislature voted against expanding Medicaid, but directed the Governor’s office and the Wyoming Department of Health to work with federal officials to create a state specific plan. Mead notes that legislators will have the final say.

“My sense is that Democratic leadership is in favor of it and my sense is that Republican leadership want to see what is proposed.”

The state plan will be presented to a legislative committee in coming weeks.