Wyoming Board Of Education Moves Science Standards Forward

Mar 17, 2015

In the recent legislative session, Wyoming lawmakers voted to allow the State Board of Education to again consider the Next Generation Science Standards. In its first meeting since the session ended, the Board voted unanimously Tuesday to get back to work adopting science standards.

Last year, a committee of Wyoming science educators recommended the Next Generation Science Standards after 18 months of review. All members of that committee will be invited back to continue their work--and those who don’t return will be replaced.

The group will be asked to consider new information—and any science standards—including Next Generation—before making a recommendation. Board Chairman Pete Gosar says it’s a step in the right direction.

“This gives us an opportunity to build on the work that’s been done, engage the process and get science standards to our kids and to our school districts in as expeditious a fashion we can, but maintaining that we have public comment,” Gosar says.

Board members say some people felt left out of last year’s process—and there will be ample opportunity for public comment this year before new standards are put into place. 

The Board considered adopting the Next Generation Standards outright, but that motion was voted down.