Wyoming Arts Council Offers Support Grants For Struggling Artists

Apr 21, 2020

Artist painting on the Gros Ventre River
Credit Grand Teton via Flikr.com

With widespread layoffs and public closures still in effect until April 30, many Wyoming artists are finding it difficult to support themselves. Michael Lange, Executive director for the Wyoming Arts Council, said he knew he had to find a way to offer support.

"We created an individual artists COVID-19 support grant that is helping get $500 into the hands of artists that have seen a significant decrease in their funding," Lange said.

The Arts Council has received over a hundred applications and are still accepting them at this time. Lange said it will be the quickest turnaround of any of their granting programs and is glad to have the ability to help.

"We have streamlined the process for folks to apply, and the paperwork needed to get grants out the door" he added.

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