WyoCloud Enhances UW's Strategic Decision Making

Mar 7, 2017

Credit University of Wyoming

The University of Wyoming has begun using a new data reporting system called WyoCloud. The intent of the cloud-based system is to enhance campus leaders’ decision-making capabilities.

Provost Kate Miller said the university is migrating all of its business information, student information, faculty information and human resources information to the system, where all of the data will be interlinked. The system will provide the ability to do advanced data analytics, which she said will move the university to cutting edge systems over the next several years.

The first installment of the new reporting system will focus on student data, which Miller said will help meet the needs of students. She said one area of focus will be improving class availability.

"We will have much stronger ability to project what the needs are of our students," according to Miller. "We know that’s a huge problem that students are not able to get into classes in a timely way."

The university contracted with Huron and Oracle to implement the cloud-based system, which means the software is available through the internet.