WY State Board of Education starts search for new education Director

Feb 11, 2013

The Wyoming State Board of Education met in a teleconference today. Board members have been tasked with finding an executive search firm to assist in recruiting candidates for the newly-created Director of the Department of Education position. The appointed director will take over many of the duties previously entrusted to the elected State Superintendent of Public Instruction.  

In order to find the best firm, which will help identify the best candidates, the Board approved up to $10,000 dollars for Paige Fenton Hughes, the Board’s coordinator, to do that work. Board Member Sue Belish said Hughes was the most appropriate candidate.

“The work would include providing support for the Board, having a knowledge of the qualifications for the Director, knowledge of the process of doing such a search, developing forms such as a matrix for evaluating proposals, organizing oral presentations,” said Belish. “It would also include communicating with the Board and other entities, such as the Governor’s office and the Wyoming Department of Education.”   

Interested firms must send proposals by February 28th.