WY Sees More Physicians Licensed To Practice In State

Feb 3, 2014

Credit Bob Beck / Wyoming Public Radio

The Wyoming Board of Medicine says a record number of physicians received licenses to practice in Wyoming last year.  The Board of Medicine’s Kevin Bohnenblust says 35 more physicians were licensed when compared to 2012 numbers, and overall they saw 15-percent more doctors compared to 2009.  He says that’s due to a new, simplified licensing process and the fact that many doctors include non-traditional approaches, such as telemedicine, in their practices.

“It started with just radiology and pathology, but then we’ve seen it move into things like psychiatry, ICU monitoring, and different specialties.  So as each specialty adapts there are more physicians who want to practice that way.  And more patients are comfortable with it too,” Bohnenblust says.

While only 40-percent of newly licensed doctors typically move to Wyoming, Bohnenblust says many have clinic hours in the state and have temporary staffing arrangements with health care facilities.  He says that’s led to improved care for people in the state.