WY legislative session wraps up amid mixed feelings of success

Feb 28, 2013

The Wyoming legislative session wrapped up Wednesday. Lawmakers leave with mixed emotions about the session.  Most agree that the one thing that they will remember about the session is the vote to strip State Superintendent Cindy Hill of many of her duties.  Senator Cale Case says that set the tone for the first part of the session.

“It’s been a very different session I think.  That whole Senate File 104 that Cindy Hill…Department of Education bill…that was a different way to start.  And I’m not sure I’ve recovered from that I think,” says Case.

Case does not think removing the Superintendent’s powers addressed all of the problems within the Wyoming Department of Education.  Lawmakers say the debates of such things as gun bills led to some heated discussions, as well. 

Some say that lawmakers have left big issues on the table. Ethete Democrat Patrick Goggles says one issue stands out:

“We failed to take what I think are steps towards Medicaid expansion.  Other states have already done it and we didn’t do that.  We failed to cover 17,400 uninsured people in Wyoming.”

Lawmakers say they plan to look at that issue and Health Insurance exchanges in time for the next legislative session.  But House Labor and Health Committee Chairwoman Elaine Harvey admits that they should have worked on the issue earlier than this.  She says it will make for a busy summer.