WY Businessman To Run For Superintendent Of Public Instruction

Feb 25, 2014

Wyoming Democrat Mike Ceballos has announced he’ll be running for Superintendent of Public Instruction. Ceballos is a business man without direct experience in education, but he’s been involved in various education foundations and sits on several education-related boards. He says his skill-set is appropriate for the job.   

“When you really look at the position of public superintendent that job really is a lot about managing people and processes, and it’s a lot about a leadership role of helping others to understand why it’s important. And frankly, what we really need to start doing is to work with our communities, and I’m really good at doing that,” he says.  

He adds he’s confident that legislators will fix the bill that took away many of the Superintendent’s powers, and return some of the duties to that position.  

“We’ve got to get back to the business of education. And we have had some disruption in all of that and I think that this is a great chance for me to come in and use the skills that I learned in business, but also to rely on our communities, and our parents, our businesses, the community organizations,” Ceballos says.  

Ceballos says his priorities are to grow collaboration between communities and the state, tailor education to better prepare students for future job markets, and cut down on administrative duties for educators so they can spend more time with students.