WPM Strengthens Cultural Affairs Reporting

Feb 5, 2014

Micah Schweizer, Wyoming Public Media’s new Cultural Affairs & Production Director.
Credit Micah Schweizer

Micah Schweizer, an award winning radio producer from Indiana, joined the staff as the WPM Cultural Affairs and Production Director. 

Schweizer’s task is a broad one—he reports on anything and everything cultural, and includes orchestras, ensembles, bands, museums, artists, writers, among others.  Online programs, such as Single Shot Live, are part of his beat.   As an introduction to Wyoming, he was assigned the task of driving through the state and recording people for the Wyoming Stories series.

“As a newcomer to Wyoming, I have been amazed and moved by the depth and range of personal history I’ve heard through this project. In a sense, these Wyoming Stories are the pixels that make up the big picture of history, and Wyoming Public Media has the privilege to capture and preserve glimpses that might otherwise be lost,” says WPM Cultural Affairs Director, Micah Schweizer.