Workplace Safety Bills Die

Feb 8, 2015

Credit Legislative Service Office

Efforts to raise fines for workplace safety violations and deaths will fail in the Wyoming legislature. The Senate has decided not to hear a bill that would have increased penalties for workplace safety violations that result in deaths and the House defeated two workplace safety bills on Friday.

Representative Mary Throne of Cheyenne was the main sponsor.  

“I think it would send a message to those small number of companies who don’t have a commitment to safety, that we care. And if they don’t change their ways, they’re going to pay for it.”

Thorne said some in legislative leadership would like to see them studied further before they get debated on the floor.

“There are elements of industry that actually support increasing the fines, they don’t come out and say that, but maybe if we do a mix of the minerals committee and labor, a sub-committee of those two, maybe we’ll be able to make some progress.”

Wyoming has consistently been among the leaders in workplace injuries and deaths.