WINhealth To Leave Wyoming

Oct 21, 2015

The health insurance company WINhealth will be pulling out of Wyoming. 

A variety of financial difficulties including low reimbursement via the Affordable Care Act is causing the company to leave Wyoming at the end of the year. Insurance Commissioner Tom Glause says the state will take over management of the company and make sure its financial obligations are taken care of.       

“Do not panic, your claims will continue to be processed and paid and we will assist in an orderly transition of those policies to another carrier.” 

Glause says those who signed up for WINhealth under the federal marketplace will need to transition to a Blue Cross Blue Shield policy by December 15th. He says they hope to find another carrier by next year.

“We are talking with other companies, I’ve also been in contact with the Director of CMS and he has assured us that he will assist and he will do what he can to find another carrier to come into the individual market.”

Glause says overall 13,800 people will be impacted.