Wind River Tribes Want Bison to Return to Reservation

Aug 30, 2012

The Wind River Reservation is actively trying to acquire some 160 bison that will be moved from one of Ted Turner’s ranches.  Federal agencies are helping ranch managers determine where they should go. 

Eastern Shoshone tribal member and wildlife scientist Jason Baldes says both the Northern Arapaho and Shoshone would like to acquire at least some of the Bison.  Federal lands and refuges are being considered as other possible locations. 

Garrit Voggesser of the National Wildlife Federation likes the idea of putting the animals on the Wind River Reservation.

"And having looked at all the other places the agencies have to look at, the only near-term and best solution is Wind River because they have the landscape, and they want the bison."

Federal officials could make a decision this week. 

Tribal officials admit they will need help with monitoring the herd and how to transport them to Wyoming.