Will Wyoming Legislators Finally Accept Obamacare?

Jun 25, 2015

Wyoming's Governor and Congressional delegation have been fighting to dismantle the Affordable Care Act for years.

But with Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling ruling “Obamacare” looks stronger than ever.

Wyoming Minority Floor Leader Mary Throne of Cheyenne says that might force state legislators to finally start talking about how they could work with federal healthcare policy.

“I know that a lot of legislative colleagues thought [the Supreme Court decision] would go the other way,” Throne says. “So now I am hopeful that we can start having a realistic discussion about how to improve healthcare in Wyoming.”

Throne says that in the past some Wyoming legislators would shut down healthcare conversations just by arguing the Affordable Care Act was going to be repealed, or found unconstitutional.

Throne now hopes the legislature will vote to expand Medicaid, which would cover about 17 thousand Wyomingites who currently don’t have insurance.