Will Murphy - Operations Director, Public Radio from Indiana University (WFIU), Former WPR Reporter

Mar 21, 2016

Credit Will Murphy

I miss my time at KUWR, working with Frank Imhoff, Don Woods, Charles Pelkey, Lee Christian, and Audrey Waldock. There was Pete Buchin the opera guy, and Tom Wilhelm with “Ranch Breakfast,” amazing even back then, Chris Heck and Dave Worley, also a few of my favorite KUWR-ers, and Marci, the Morning Edition host.

One funny story: I had a holiday reception last December. My neighbor, a professor at the IU law school, came over and gave me a pink KUWR coffee mug as a present. “I used to listen to you on KUWR when I was a visiting professor in Laramie!”  And that would have been almost 30 years ago! He’d kept his mug all those years. And now it’s in my cupboard!

Happy Birthday, KUWR/WPR!

Will Murphy
Operations Director
Public Radio from Indiana University (WFIU)