Wildlife Rehab Center In Jackson Needs A Place To Call Home

Jan 5, 2016

Credit tetonwildlife.org

The Jackson area may have a raptor center to rehabilitate birds of prey, but when other species are injured, there’s nowhere to take them. 

So wildlife biologists Renee Seidler and Lindsay Jones have been working with wildlife agencies in Wyoming and Idaho to start the Teton Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

Teton Wildlife Rehabilitation Center co-founder Lindsey Jones says she and her partner, Renee Seidler, especially want to help animals injured in conflicts with people.

"We really see it being important to rehabilitate orphaned species, especially in the springtime," she says. "A lot of moms get hit by cars and then these animals are orphaned. So I would definitely say black bears, water fowl and maybe moose calves."

Jones says the center won’t be a sanctuary since all animals taken in will be rehabbed in hopes of releasing them back into the wild. 

But to make it happen, they’ll need a home base. She says they need about two and a half acres to get started.

"We have budgeted to purchase land, but we’re really hoping that it will be donated. Over in Idaho, we just need a minimum of two point five acres, according to the state to get going."

Jones says they hope to start with a facility in the Teton Valley and eventually build another in Jackson.