Wildlife Federation urges outdoor play resolutions

Jan 1, 2013

It isn’t easy to get your kids to play outdoors, but the National Wildlife Federation is encouraging families to make that a New Year’s resolution.  The “Be Out There” campaign offers tips and advice to parents who pledge to help get their kids to play outdoors every week. 

Campaign manager Lindsay Legendre says their survey found that 94 percent of parents say kids aren’t getting enough time outside. The barriers include things such as weather, concerns about safety, and the lure of technology. Legendre says their website offers some solutions.

"We really love geo-caching because you can use a smart phone or GPS technology to do an activity outside, so it kind of meshes those two worlds," she said.

'BeOutThere.org' offers lists for winter treasure hunts, tips on being warm and dry while recreating outdoors, and

directions to nearby play areas.