Week Of Academic Vision And Excellence Celebrates Inclusion

Jul 18, 2018

Credit Wyoming Department of Education

The Wyoming Department of Education is collaborating with the University of Wyoming to host the Week of Academic Vision and Excellence (WAVE) conference later this month.

A wide range of topics from early childhood education to the impact of suspensions and expulsions will be covered at this year’s WAVE conference. Special focus will be on Eye to Eye, a national organization that advocates for the full inclusion of people with learning disabilities and ADHD in all aspects of society, which is celebrating 10 years of work in Wyoming.

While teachers and education students are the primary audience, Jenny Krause who is helping to organize the conference, said she encourages parents and kids to attend as well.

“Our keynote on Monday will be highly focused on celebrating students and their parents that have students who have learning disabilities and ADHD, and give them some reasons to celebrate that they think differently,” said Krause.

The agenda for speakers and workshops is set in response to the needs of educators in the state, according Krause. “So if we have teachers and directors calling us with any questions we have a data collection of what questions are being asked, and throughout the year we’ll look at those, so that’s how we choose our topics.”

The conference hosted at UW runs July 30 - August 1. More information about WAVE is available from the Wyoming Department of Education.