Virtual Forums Focuses On The Future Of Wyoming's Children

Jan 4, 2021

Credit Wyoming2030

This month, a series of virtual events aims to talk about Wyoming's future through the lens of children and family in the state.

The Wyoming Afterschool Alliance and Wyoming Community Foundation are partnering up for the initiative called Wyoming 2030. It aims to broaden the public education discussion by hosting a series of virtual events every Tuesday of January.

Michelle Sullivan, director of the Afterschool Alliance, said the events are a way to have a larger conversation about the future of the state's children.

"We see young people as one of our most important natural resources and felt there was a need to begin to think ahead about how we wanted to invest in young people and families as we think about our communities 10 years from now," she said

The first event on January 5 will look at early childhood issues.

Sullivan said they will be concentrating on, "What are the conditions that support or challenge people over the course of their lifetime, that happened in early childhood?"

She said the panel will include economists, experts on health as well as other perspectives on early childhood. The last Tuesday of the month will be a platform to hear from young people about what they want in their future.