UW's School of Energy Resources receives large gift from Hess Corp.

Jan 18, 2013

The University of Wyoming School of Energy Resources is getting $4.4 million from the Hess Corporation to help fund a program that will investigate the flow of oil and gas through tight shale and sandstone.  It’s part of a UW effort to research unconventional oil and gas reservoirs through the Center for Advanced Oil and Gas technologies.   The Hess donation will specifically go towards the Nano Resolution Imaging Laboratory.  State matching funds make it a gift of nearly $9 million.  Governor Matt Mead says the gifts will lead to creative ways to improve energy development in Wyoming.

“And what does that mean for in terms of revenue for the state of Wyoming and what does it mean ultimately for the quality of life of our citizens in Wyoming.  That’s what it is about.  And these folks who have contributed generously with their time and their money will make a real difference.  “

Hess officials say that the University of Wyoming research is cutting edge.