UW Works To Bolster Statewide Outreach

Mar 26, 2019

A screenshot of an interactive map of UW engagement and outreach across Wyoming.
Credit Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center

A new University of Wyoming office aims to foster stronger connections between faculty, staff, and students, and Wyoming communities. Part of UW's mission as a land grant university is to be useful and helpful to the state.

The UW Office of Engagement and Outreach opened in January. Professor Paul Flesher, the acting director, said the office is in the process of surveying the outreach and partnerships already taking place across the state.

"We want to be able to say what kind of people are we actually helping," said Flesher. "Are we helping in medical ways? Are we helping in terms of building new businesses in Wyoming? Are we helping educate our citizens in different ways?"

He said the office plans to offer training on best practices for faculty and staff to help build an even stronger bridge between campus activities and the state.

"We're trying to become a useful organization for the university and for the state, particularly in terms of helping the state partner with different units around the university," said Flesher.

The office functions as an entry point for community groups looking to partner with UW faculty. An interactive mapping tool that shows the outreach and partnerships happening across the state is being developed.