UW will provide financial aid for student veterans

Oct 15, 2013

The University of Wyoming has solidified plans to provide financial aid to student veterans affected by the government shutdown.

Spokesman Chad Baldwin says UW has decided to assess each vet’s case individually, and will pay for tuition, university fees and on-campus housing expenses during the shutdown and hope for federal reimbursement later.

Baldwin says that the university is committed to providing this support because of a sense of responsibility towards student veterans.

“These people who have served their country and been promised programs to help them get their education, deserve the certainty of knowing that they’ll be able to continue to do that.” said Baldwin.

Although interruptions in federal aid programs wouldn’t be felt until next month, some the university’s 400 student veterans still feel a sense of anxiety.

Army Vet and Botany Major Kenda Mayfield says that though she hasn’t felt a financial sting from the shutdown yet, she may have to adjust her plans because of it.

“I was relying on the monthly stipend through the VA,” said Mayfield, “so it’s looking more and more likely I might have to find part-time work so that I don’t have to really dip into savings.”

The university has not yet decided from where in its budget the funds for this support will come.