UW trustees lay out plan for selecting new president

Oct 12, 2012

University of Wyoming trustees have decided on the process they’ll use to select a new university president, who will take over after Tom Buchannan retires next year.

UW’s Vice President for Government and Community Affairs Chris Boswell says the trustees’ resolution made a few things clear: “It sets out a prospective timeline, and also, very importantly, it sets out the very clear intention to involve faculty, students, staff at the university of wyoming, as well as external constituencies.”

Still, they’re keeping the candidates’ names confidential, in hopes of getting a better applicant pool.

“The best way to get a broad applicant pool that includes … sitting university presidents, as well as a robust pool from what are known as nontraditional areas (in other words, non-academic areas) is to have a process whereby the names of the applicants are not released,” Boswell said.

President Tom Buchanan is set to step down next summer.