UW Staff Present New Compensation Plan

Jun 30, 2017

According to a UW Staff Senate report, take home pay for staff has decreased because salaries have not been adjusted for inflation.
Credit University of Wyoming Staff Senate

Representatives from the University of Wyoming Staff Senate met with President Laurie Nichols Friday to ask for what they say is a much needed overhaul to the staff compensation system.


Staff Senate President Rachel Stevens said base level salaries have not increased since 2008 and UW staff earn less than their counterparts at other state agencies.

Following recent reductions in staffing, those who remain at the university say they’ve seen heavier workloads without changes in compensation. And Stevens said that means job classifications also need to be updated to reflect new responsibilities.

A lot of these issues stem from the university’s unpredictable approach according to Stevens. “As a result, the staff salaries at the University of Wyoming have fallen below the staff salaries in comparable positions at other state agencies.” Stevens said that’s “because we did not have a policy where we would make market increases or cost of living adjustments.”

Stevens said she knows Nichols is aware that updates need to be made.

“She had been assuming that we are like other state institutions where the matrix is updated every couple of years to account for inflation and cost of living, and that’s not the case,” said Stevens.

Stevens said UW’s president has created a salary policy task force. The group will be responsible for creating the university’s first official salary policy.