UW Sees Out Of State Enrollment Decline

Oct 10, 2016


Enrollment is down slightly this fall at the University of Wyoming. UW officials say that enrollment declined by 234 students compared to fall of last year. The decrease startled Sara Axelson, Vice President of Student Affairs, who said the decrease was due to fewer out of state students.

“I was surprised initially that it was primarily an out of state drop, but we know that we have wonderful educational opportunities and outside the classroom opportunities. So, it’s just making sure the students have the resources they need and also have the support they need while going to school,” said Axelson.

Axelson added that in-state enrollment remained steady and there was an increase in enrollment for both transfer students and minority students. This comes at a time when UW officials are looking for an increase in enrollment to bring in more revenue to the school.  Axelson says they will study the data for ways to turn things around in the future.

“With the demographics of whose attracted to UW and the programs we’re promoting and you know you’ve got to look at everything. As well as the aid awards and are there some things that we need to be doing differently related to scholarships and financial aid? It’s a big decision to go to school,” said Axelson.

UW President Laurie Nichols says that increasing enrollment is the key to the long term economic future of the University. Overall the University of Wyoming has a total of 12,607 graduate and non-graduate enrollments this year.