UW’s lone peer-reviewed journal turns 50

Sep 18, 2012

Rocky Mountain Geology, which is UW’s only peer-reviewed scientific journal, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

Editor Art Snoke says the journal’s mission – which is to cover a range of topics related to the area’s geology – will stay the same in the future,  but they’re considering some changes for the publication.

“We’re probably at a stage now where we may go totally digital,” Snoke said. “There’s many superb journals that are totally digital. And things have changed so much as far as publishing science, that that would be the next logical step.”

Snoke says the journal has included a number of important papers over the years – on topics ranging from the pre-Cambrianera to CO2 sequestration. And he says that has helped make a name for UW as an important research institution.