UW hopes to sell itself to more Colorado students

May 9, 2013

Now that Colorado State University is planning to increase in-state tuition by nine percent, a University of Wyoming official says that more students might consider U-W as an affordable option for college. 

U-W Vice President for Academic Affairs Sara Axelson says even though Wyoming’s out-of-state tuition will soon increase slightly… the cost is going to be very competitive when compared with C-S-U.  She says they will work hard to point that out to high school seniors.             

“Our non-resident population has been growing and we’ve been investing in that.  Our primary focus is to attract Wyoming students, but it’s also important to have diversity in the classroom from students from all over the country.  And we especially draw students from Colorado and we’ve got about 12 percent of our undergraduate class that are from Colorado.”

Axelson says U-W has made major upgrades on campus and potential students notice that.  She says that is one reason why enrollment has slowly increased in recent years.