UW creative writing class records their work

Dec 5, 2013

Eric Krszjzaniek, Ginger Ko, Erin Jones, Manasseh Franklin, Jeff Lockwood
Credit Micah Schweizer

To end the fall semester, University of Wyoming Professor Jeff Lockwood’s Creative Nonfiction: The Short Form class recorded their final pieces for our literary series Spoken Words.

Jeff Lockwood writes:  "In this workshop, we explored a weird and wide array of short forms of the students’ choosing within the genre of non-fiction.   We often associate the short form with poetry and fiction.  But what about the epitaph, the police blotter, the recipe, the box score, the report card, the seed packet, the rejection letter, the menu, the movie review, the shopping list, the wine label, the headline or the photo caption? 

"Students were encouraged to probe the possibilities and test the limits of the short-form as a means of opening creative possibilities and expanding (or exploding) assumptions about seemingly prosaic expressions of our humanity.  In the end, their writings were adapted from: the drug label, real estate advertisement, advice column, obituary, recipe, postcard, test, forecast, billboard, credit card statement and map."

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