UW Considers Raising Tuition

Mar 26, 2014

University of Wyoming President Dick McGinity is proposing that UW raise tuition and fees in the next academic year. In a recent letter McGinity proposed that the university increase tuition by four percent and student fees by $91. This would mean a rise in full time resident tuition by $211 to $4,615.

UW Vice President of Government and Communication affairs Chris Boswell says though that the University has several options in the future to help with rising costs of utilities, building maintenance and supplies.

"In addition, the legislature has asked the university to prepare a report on the impact of offering resident tuition to the high school graduates of neighboring states," Boswell said. "In other words, Wyoming resident to non-residents from the adjoining states."

If the tuition raise is approved by the Board of Trustees on Friday UW will still be the cheapest public university in the nation. The Board will meet Thursday and Friday at the Coe library at UW.