UW to benefit from demonstration project

Dec 31, 2012

The University of Wyoming will get to participate in Microsoft’s innovative fuel cell demonstration pilot project.  

The fuel cell being built in Cheyenne will essentially be powered by sewage.  After 18 months of use by Microsoft, the City of Cheyenne and the University will get access to the so called Data Plant. U-W Chemical and Petroleum Engineering professor David Bagley says a number of students will benefit.     

“The Computer Science department will be helping to provide the load to this data center as Microsoft does its testing.  They’ll be using the high performance computing class and students will be working directly on that system. “

Bagley says there will be other opportunities, as well. For example, mechanical engineers will be able to use the facility for research

and chemical engineering students could study how to improve fuel cell operations and what the cost is to replace fuel cell components over time.