A U.S. Navy Transport Ship Named After Cody, Wyoming

Sep 20, 2019

Credit U.S. Navy

A U.S. Navy transport ship will be named after the town of Cody. The 338 foot-long ship is currently being built and will most likely be ready for service by next summer.

Cody Mayor Matt Hall said Secretary of the Navy Richard V. Spencer's hometown is Wilson Wyoming, and that Spencer wanted a ship named after some town in Wyoming.

"When they started talking about it further they landed on our town. Maybe there is a little more notoriety with Buffalo Bill and the history of Cody," said Hall.

USNS Cody will be a Expeditionary Fast Transport Ship transporting personnel, equipment and supplies. It will be able to transport 600 short tons of military cargo with a crew of 26 civilian mariners. The beam of the ship is 93.5 feet, the ship displaces 25 metric tons and the speed is roughly 35-45 knots. Hall said this is an honor.

There are at least 28 other U.S. Navy ships named after the state of Wyoming's cities, places and people.

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