University Of Wyoming Water Dispute

Mar 24, 2021


The University of Wyoming has won round one in a water dispute with the City of Laramie.

The Wyoming House of Representatives gave final approval to a bill that allows UW to drill a well and develop its own water system without interference from the city or the county.

Laramie officials said the move will likely drive up water rates for citizens. Laramie Rep. Trey Sherwood told the House that many in the community are concerned.

"This overall feeling that it is unfair or unethical that the citizens of the Gem City would pay the price for this local conflict and this power struggle. So our constituents are caught in the middle of this very complex issue," said Sherwood.

Newcastle Rep. Hans Hunt said the dispute should not be settled by the state legislature. House Appropriations Chairman Bob Nicholas disagreed and said a property owner has the right to drill their own well. The bill goes to the Senate for further debate.