University Of Wyoming Moves Spring Semester Classes Online

Mar 16, 2020

Credit University of Wyoming

The University of Wyoming will teach classes online for the rest of the semester. The decision announced in a meeting of the UW Board of Trustees Monday morning is in response to the COVID-19 outbreak and the attempt to keep the campus community safe.

Acting President Neil Theobald said that the plan allows students to continue towards their degrees while also addressing public health needs. He said faculty will soon contact students with how they will continue classes. UW will help those with limited technology options. Theobald said the University will remain open, but he encourages supervisors to allow as many employees as possible to work at home.

"I'm encouraging them to be flexible and creative in finding ways that we can dissipate our employees across the region rather than concentrating them here on campus," said Theobald.

Theobald said students in residence halls are asked to move out immediately, although the University will work with them if they have nowhere to go.

Sandy Caldwell of the Wyoming Community College Commission said that most colleges will take a similar approach where possible. She said many of the colleges have extended their spring break until March 29 or longer.

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