Two COVID-19 Patients At Wyoming State Hospital

Apr 17, 2020


Two Wyoming State Hospital patients have tested positive for the coronavirus. Two adult females were transferred to the Wyoming State Hospital in Evanston from a Casper behavioral health facility for reasons not connected to COVID-19 initially. 

That facility is at the center of a Natrona County COVID-19 outbreak. Both patients presented no symptoms when picked up by the Wyoming State Hospital transportation staff.

Wyoming Department of Health's Kim Deti said the transfer was what is best for the patients and their treatment needs.

"The needs for psychiatric care continue during a pandemic and we do have that role as a safety net facility," Deti said. "And there are things that our facility can and should do for patients."

Deti said safety precautions were taken during the transfer and admission of the patients.

"There are taking a few extra steps with the admissions they are taking now. So they have an area put aside, they do put people in quarantine and do some testing when they come," she said.

One patient is in an isolated room at the state hospital while the second patient has already been hospitalized out of state.

She said the Wyoming State Hospital has been preparing for any potential COVID-19 patients.

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