Trustees Ask For Medical Education Funds

Aug 13, 2015

The University of Wyoming Trustees have voted to ask Governor Mead for money to continue UW’s medical education program. 

UW Family Practice residency program.
Credit University of Wyoming

Trustees voted to request almost a million more dollars for the WWAMI Medical Education and the WYDENT Dental Education programs to address tuition increases. Some additional funding for those programs was also requested. 

Trustees also approved a funding request for the Cheyenne Family Medicine Residency program. This includes a million dollars to possibly renovate the Cheyenne facility. They also took some time to better understand their contribution to the Cheyenne and Casper family practice clinics. Laramie Trustee Mike Massie says they continue to be a worthwhile venture.

“Particularly since so many of the residents are coming out of those programs and opening up practices in the state of Wyoming, but there is also a really nice secondary benefit to those clinics in the service they provide to Casper and Cheyenne in regard to health care for the low income population.”

The trustees did vote down a request to ask for a separate salary increase for faculty as the residency centers. Massie says they do have trouble attracting faculty, but he says the need is no different than the rest of the campus.