Treasurer Candidate Wants To Get A Better Return For The State

Aug 17, 2018

Credit State of Wyoming

A longtime state senator said his experience as a liaison to the state retirement board makes him the best fit to become the next state treasurer.   

Republican Curt Meier said he wants to both streamline investing at the treasurer’s office and look to get a better return. Meier pointed out that investments for the Wyoming retirement system do better than the state’s permanent funds because they use their own board to make decisions. He wants to move to a similar system in the treasurer’s office.

“I don’t know if it’s so much being more aggressive, I think it would be better informed. So when we’re making that risk analysis, we’d be better informed in a more timely basis,” said Meier. 

Meier said by continuing to use an outside investment firm, it keeps the state from moving quickly when there are changes in the market. Meier added that if they could increase their investment return to between $400 and $600 million, then they can pay for necessary government services and not raise taxes.

Meier also said the state will make more money if it invests more wisely on economic development. He wants the focus to be on core industries like energy, tourism, and agriculture that already exist in Wyoming.